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Empower Your Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Techs, Office Staff and Sales Team with Online Learning.

KEC Concepts was developed to help you take practical knowledge of the Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning (KEC) industry to the next level. This affordable system encourages participants to learn at their own pace and study where and when they feel most comfortable. When they feel good about increasing their knowledge base, you reap the benefits of having happy customers.

Interactive Modules Include Videos, Audio Tech Talks and More.

Our interactive learning modules provide end users with the latest industry information about technology, valuable tips from the pros in the field, real-life situational videos, informative Tech Talks, and hands-on safety tips. The content of the learning modules ranges from KEC 101 basics to more advanced courses devoted to codes, equipment, and the critical role fire safety professionals play in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry.

Group Leaders Can Monitor Employee Progress.

Are you a supervisor, manager or owner of a business? If the answer is yes, we’ve got you covered. The KEC Online Learning System can assign you group leader status. Group leader status means you can monitor the learning progress of participants and provide positive feedback as they increase their participation.

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