Online Courses

Videos, Tech Talks, Safety Tips, and Courses to get you started.

Online Courses Include Video Courses, Audio Tech Talks, Audio Safety Tips.

Our online courses are smartphone-friendly and easy to use. Your techs can get the latest industry information about new commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning technology and get valuable tips from the pros. They can watch real-life situational videos, listen to informative Tech Talks, and get hands-on safety tips. The content of the online courses ranges from KEC 101 basics to more advanced courses devoted to codes, equipment, and the critical role fire safety professionals play in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry.

Onboard New Employees quickly with KEC Concepts!

Our new employee on-boarding package contains 4 stand alone courses designed to give your new technicians an overview of the core information necessary to become successful in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry before they ever set foot on a job site.

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