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This is provided to let you try before you buy KEC Concepts Online Learning System designed exclusively for the KEC Cleaning Professionals. In this Free Kitchen Exhaust Systems 101 interactive demo, you can view a sample version of KEC Concepts Learning Module 2 – Kitchen Exhaust Systems 101.

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This Free Kitchen Exhaust Systems 101 Demo Course contains abridged course content, an example of course audio narration, audio tech talks, video safety tips, a full Glossary, and on-site photos of kitchen exhaust cleaning in progress at customer sites. Note: Paid subscriptions include 10-15 multiple choice quizzes. The KEC Concepts Online Learning System allows supervisors to monitor the progress of participants 24/7.

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Our new employee on-boarding package contains 4 stand alone courses designed to give your new technicians an overview of the core information necessary to become successful in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry before they ever set foot on a job site.

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