Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about how to access administration features of your account? Need help choosing or purchasing a plan? Feel free to browse these frequently asked questions as a quick guide to getting started with KEC Concepts Online Learning.


How do I add Technicians to my account?

If you have purchased a package that includes additional technician accounts, you will need to invite them in order to grant them access to the course material. To do this, first log into your KEC Concepts account.

Once logged in, you can navigate to the My Profile page.

On this page, click “Group Management”.

If you have more than one subscription package, you will need to select it from the dropdown menu.

From here, you can access user reports for technicians, browse technician users already in the account, or invite new technicians.

To add one or more technicians, scroll all the way to the bottom to this field:

You can click the “Add More” button to increase the number of fields. Simply fill out these with the first name, last name, and email address of the technician, and click the “Add Users” button to invite.

This will send email invitations out to the email addresses listed, with instructions for that person to set up their account. Allow a few minutes for email delivery. If the email does not show up after a few minutes, it is recommended that the recipient check their email’s spam folder.

Additionally, all email invitations can be resent easily to any enrolled technicians with a simple button click under the Enrolled User Details table above.




I sent an invite to a technician, how do they get access to the courses?

The technician should have gotten an email labeled “Course Enrollment”. This will provide that technician with a username, a temporary password, and a link to sign in.

The technician can then use that username and temporary password to log in. They will be taken to a page that allows them to set up a new password that will be easier for them to remember. Simply click the link “edit your password and account details.” and follow the instructions on the next page.


This page can be accessed at any time after the fact through the url:

Once logged into this account, any courses that the user is enrolled in should be open to them. These can be browsed through the My Profile page, or the Courses page.




I am a group administrator. How do I monitor the progress of my technicians?

While logged in, first click “My Profile” in the top navigation. From the Profile page, scroll down and click the “Group Management” button.

On the Group Management page, click the “User Reports” Button at the top of the page.

This will bring you to the admin panel for monitoring user progress. You should see the groups you manage listed out in a table. To the right of each group, you can access three different options; List Users, Export Progress, and Export Results.

Both Export Progress and Export Results will generate a spreadsheet in .csv format that you can open in a program such as Excel.

Export Progress will generate a report of each user’s progress through each course they are enrolled in. You can see which courses have been completed, and what date they have been completed on.

Export Results will generate a report of each user’s results on every quiz attempt. You can see statistics such as number of questions answered correctly, date taken, percentage of correct answers, and a pass/fail.

The first option, List Users, will display a list of enrolled users on the account. Next to each account you can click the “Report” link to go to an individual report for that user. This page immediately shows all enrolled courses, but if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see detailed course and quiz progress for that user as well as view and download certificates. This allows for a good at-a-glance look at user progress as an alternative to the spreadsheet export functions.




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